Who We Are


"And the disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread." Luke 24:35

Of all the verses in the New Testament this line from Luke most nearly defines the soul of the Emmaus Community.  Since its 1972 start as a non-territorial parish, the Emmaus Community has always emphasized the Eucharist as the prime source of life for the community.  We've been involved in many crusades but we always come home on Sunday to renew ourselves.

Who we are: We are a small faith community numbering 35. We are mature Roman Catholics who try to extend our Sunday liturgy experiences through the week in our lives and in the world around us. Our priest-ministers are members of the community and most have been Fordham Jesuits. One of these, Fr. Vin Novak, has told us that being with Emmaus has been "a strong learning experience for strengthening my priesthood."

How we operate: All services are planned by members working in rotating pairs. They consult with the celebrant, usually by telephone or email. Many, but not all, liturgy plans include a dialog homily with the celebrant acting as an equal participant.

All active members of Emmaus agree to plan liturgies and to support the outreach activities of the community.  We own no property.  During the last ten years we have celebrated the Eucharist in the "Upper Room" at St. Maurice parish in Stamford.

What we do: At one time Emmaus sponsored a variety of social outreach and political action activities. Many of our members are still engaged in such efforts as individuals, obtaining community support for specific needs. The community has always been very active in providing physical. financial and spiritual support to members in need.

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