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Permanent Eye liner: how it looks on the eyes, how it is done on the lower and upper eyelid, photo

The fast pace of life does not allow much time to devote to yourself. Tired of getting up early every morning to do your makeup? There is a way out - the tattoo eyeliner with shading! This popular procedure is in demand all over the world. Modern tools and materials allow creating a bright natural image without "doll effect". Many girls choose this universal technique of permanent, as correctly chosen shade pigment will emphasize the color of the eyes, and the desired shape of the line will correct the deficiencies.

Permanent eye liner: what is it?

Permanent eye liner  with shading is performed with the help of hypoallergenic pigment. The dye is injected with a sterile instrument under the skin. Note that modern cosmetic tattoo (PM) is strikingly different from the outdated tattoo. If just a few years ago, to get rid of the pigment or to correct the shape was very difficult, today it is very easy to change the image. It is enough to tell the master how you want to change the image, and a specialist with a laser tattoo removal or remuver will remove unwanted lines or, conversely, add a saturation.

permanent eyeliner

Why lash enhancement tattoo?

Lash enhancement tattoo is an ideal option for a businesswoman. Every woman spends a lot of time to draw a clear line on the eyelid with a decorative pencil or eyeliner. Many can not pick up a suitable cosmetics, most of the means spread at any caprice of the weather. What to say about beach holidays, and because every woman wants to look perfect in all conditions. But even the most expensive waterproof cosmetics will not provide a flawless look for a long time.

Lashline enhancement

Lashline enhancement with shading creates an image of "smoky eyes", which is especially suitable for girls with light eyes - the look becomes more soulful. The cosmetic tattooing is designed to correct flaws. Correctly chosen shade and form allow to visually enlarge eyes, make eyelashes more magnificent and hide asymmetry.

 Lashline enhancement

Lash enhancement tattoo

Types of arrows h2

  1. Classic eyeliner tattooing Arrow. Suitable for women who like bright eye makeup. The dye is applied in a clear line. The thickness and shape of the arrow are chosen depending on the desired effect, the location of the eyes and the type of appearance.

  2. Winged eyeliner tattoo. A shadow effect is added to the clear line on the outer corner. This variant is worth choosing for girls with narrow and close set eyes.

  3. In addition to the semi permanent eyeliner that goes beyond the border of the eyelid, it is possible to fill the space between the eyelashes with dye, which will give more volume and a saturated color to the lashes.

eyeliner tattooing

Another popular variant of the arrow on the eyes with shading h2

Often, along with the arrow with a shading do a powdered eyelid tattoo eyeliner - it is a light or intense shadow, the color of which changes along the gradient. Stretch color can be black or colored. As a rule, to create a natural look, choose shades close to the color of the skin.

eyelid tattoo eyeliner

Arrow on the lower eyelid with blurring 

It is popular among the lovers of Egyptian makeup. In this case, the arrow is applied to the lower eyelid, starting from the middle of the eye and moved to the outer corner.

How the eyes look after the procedure 

In the photo you can see the result after the permanent makeup arrows with shading. In the first few hours the eyelids are puffy. No need to worry, this is a normal reaction of the body. After a few hours, the swelling will go down.

In the first days before the crusts disappear, you should not wet your eyes. The pigment color will seem too intense, but the excess dye will leave with the lymph. In a month after the complete healing, the desired shade will appear.

What kind of arrows to do: choice of color and shape 

Masters of our studio will choose the form of tattoo arrows with flow, based on your preferences and type of appearance. We take into account the color of your eyes, eyebrows and hair. Girls with closely set eyes will do a clear arrow

 in the outer corner of the eye. Heavy eyelids can be alleviated by blurring. A wide arrow is suitable for almond-shaped eyes, and for round eyes it is better 

to choose a thin line that begins from the edge of the iris, closer to the outer corner of the eye.

How long does the effect last? 

The eye tattoo with shading lasts for 1-2 years. The duration of the effect depends on the skin type, pigment color, depth of its introduction and on how properly cared for. In a month after the first procedure, it is necessarily necessary to make a correction to secure the result. Renewal is usually recommended after a year.

eye tattoo


Permanent make-up can not be done if you have the following diagnosed diseases:

During pregnancy, the procedure is also not recommended, as it can affect a woman's emotional background.

Preparation for the procedure 

Prior to the tattoo cosmetic of the arrow with stippling, you must not take aspirin or other blood thinning medications. The day before the session, refrain from drinking alcohol, and on the day of the procedure, do not drink coffee and energy drinks.

How the procedure is performed 

At the first stage, the master paints a sketch with a decorative pencil and agrees with you on the shape and color. The skin is cleansed from makeup, and an anesthetic is applied. Once the anesthetic begins to work (in about 10 minutes), the specialist proceeds to manipulate. During the session the girls do not feel any discomfort, as anaesthetic is also used additionally during the session.

Aftercare the procedure 

To tattoo the arrow with shadow shading pleased you for many years, it is important to properly eyeliner or microblading aftercare for the skin:

After a month, the healed permanent will need to be corrected, because with the outflow of lymph, some of the dye may disappear. A second visit to the master is needed to correct the color and shape and fill in the gaps that have appeared.

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