Fr. Francis' Homily for Phil Miolene

Fr. Vin's Passion Sunday Reflection

Pictures from the 40th Party

JOY Oct. '11

2012-2013 Tasks new!

Palm Sunday 2011

Christmas Card 2010

Reflection on Servant Leadership

JOY July '09 -- Part B

JOY July '09 -- Part A

A Reflection
-- Archbishop Oscar Romero

Dick & Francis' Farewell Party

'09 Tasks -- revised!

Clambake Pictures -- 2008

JOY -- July 2008

Pentecost -- 2008

Hula Movie -- 3/08

St. Patrick's Day Party

February '08 Newsletter:
Part 1 Part 2

Prophetic Statements

Celebrating our Co-Chairs

December JOY Part 2

December JOY Part 1

Celebration with Fr. Norris

Blair's Pictures from Clambake!

Woodway Beach Liturgy 2007

Men's Retreat June 2007

Liturgy with Francis Spring 2007

Clam Bake June 2007

Pentecost 2007

35th Anniversary

New Year's Eve Liturgy

July Issue of JOY
Retreat Pictures
Graham Wallace's 90th
March JOY!!
Mary Ledden celebrates 50 years!
Christmas 2005
Second Beach Liturgy
Annual Beach Liturgy
Don Vacheron

Reflections on Pentecost
Reflection on the 4/24 Liturgy Easter 2005 Message

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